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Be Your Own Boss. Start Today.

100 Eyelash Pairs

Eyelashes only

Choose 5 Eyelash Styles

Standard Mink Eyelashes

5-8 Day Processing



Lash Line Gold Package


Great Starter Package

50 Eyelash Pairs + 50 Custom Cases

Glitter Background

Web Design

Logo Sticker Print

Free Logo Design

Ready to Run Your Own Business?

This opportunity will be perfect for Makeup Artists or Make Up lovers or simply business minded people! We can help you start YOUR OWN Mink eyelash line. Please follow the steps below.

1.) STOCK UP ON YOUR PRODUCT & Create a Logo

We offer amazingly low prices for you! Our Wholesale prices are only $2.65 per pair! We also can create your business logo and print it out to place on each eyelash box to establish your brand even further.

2.) Create a personalized Eyelash Box


 We can create a website for your new eyelash line where your customers can purchase your product.


Custom Mink Eyelash Boxes

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