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Want to try the eyelashes before you buy? Pick up to 5 styles to sample before placing your large bulk order. Insert your desired styles below and we will create them and then ship them out for you as soon as possible! Please keep in mind that the samples are handmade as well so the processing time can go from 1-4 business days depending on how many orders we have to satisfy at the time. We appreciate your patience with us and hope you will love the product! If you love the product you can order in bulk from us every time for your business. 


Please choose 5 eyelashes from the same catalogue. Meaning, choose the styles that are from the same type of picture, starts with the same letter or number. To order from multiple catalogues there will be an additional fee for shipping. Certain catalogues comes from different factories meaning there will be multiple shipping charges.


The standard eyelashes are the eyelashes labeled 1-14 only! The rest are 3D Mink.

Eyelash Sample Pack

PriceFrom $40.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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