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Save time and allow us to create your website for you! We are a successful weave business and we want to help others start a successful business like ours.  We know firsthand what customers want to see before deciding whether or not they want to buy.

We also have collaborated with many entrepreneurs WHO ARE NOT IN THE EAVE BUSINESS and designed and started up their websites and gave them building blocks to create a stunning platform for their customers to purchase or view their music, photography, etc.

The Skeleton Package ($150) is a general layout of your website without much detail and you add the rest later. We will start your 3 basic pages but we will not add much detail to it. 

With the Complete Mini Website Package ($300) we complete your entire website for you in 1-2 business weeks. It's considered mini because the package includes less pages than the Deluxe Website Package.

This Package includes:



These 3 pages are the basic building blocks to begin accepting customers and appear to be a legitimate website which will bring in many customers.

The Deluxe Website Package ($450)  we complete your entire website for you in 1-2 business weeks. This package is deluxe because we get your domain name for you, set up your payment gateway, and you also get the 3 extra pages of your choice in which we set up for you.

We recommend purchasing a domain name because it gives a more professional appeal to customers and that makes them feel safe and want to purchase from the site.


is not included, we can obtain it for you for $29.95 or you may retrieve your own through numerous domain providers but it may be more expensive.

There is a MONTHLY FEE
which is $19.90 and that is paid directly to your host to keep your site active and connected to paypal/stripe or to process your payments.You will be given that information where to purchase at the time the site is completed.

$150 covers 2hrs work on your website and depending on how simple you would like your website to be 2hrs can go a long way! In most cases though complex websites require about 10 hours total.

This is JUST A SKELETON and will not be complete it is just start you off! :)


Since this a service there is NO REFUNDS when the website is completed. If you cancel before the website is done you will only get a partial refund because we will subtract hours spent towards your website which is $75/hr

Create a Website

PriceFrom $150.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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