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Gabrielle Ale

Digital Marketing Consultant & Owner of Weave Virgin, INC

Meet Gabrielle Ale:


"Digital Beauty Guru for Tailored Marketing Excellence"

Welcome to the digital realm, where beauty meets strategy, and success is crafted pixel by pixel. Allow us to introduce Gabrielle Ale, your trusted guide through the intricate landscape of digital marketing, with a passion for transforming beauty businesses into online sensations. 

Gabrielle brings a wealth of experience and understanding of marketing a beauty business as she built Weave Virgin from the ground up using nothing but Digital Marketing. She is very experienced in creating websites, creating logos, content creation, social media management and all things digital marketing. It is best to hire a marketing consultant who is in the business you are in or looking to get into. You can learn from Gabrielle's successes, and challenges in order to perfect your own brand with ease. Whether you're a salon owner, skincare specialist, or makeup artist, this consultation promises insights that can revitalize your business. Secure your session with Gabrielle Ale now, and let's embark on the journey to ignite or amplify your beauty business in the digital realm.

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We don't offer free samples and we don't sell hair at the wholesale prices above unless you are ordering 20 pieces or more. If you are a drop ship member the minimum amount of pieces you can order is 10 and you get a FREE closure when you purchase your first bulk order. WE DO NOT OFFER FREE SAMPLES! To sample the hair or closures please purchase 1 bundle/closure at standard price and use this coupon: SAMPLE during checkout and get $5 off each piece. Same day delivery is available for customers within a 25 mile radius of Orland Park the delivery fee ranges from $15-$25. Payment is due in full including delivery fee for wholesale bundles.

Invest in the hair business today...

The hair business is a very profitable market, you can expect to make double what you invest. If you are interested in ordering wholesale please contact us below with your order details. Please only contact if you are trying to ORDER WHOLESALE not with questions regarding starting your own hair business. Please understand the Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces. We accept Paypal, money orders, money grams, and bank transfers. Wholesale orders over $1000 will require a bank transfer, We can discuss payment options that will be best for you via email or text. We hope to do business with you soon! If you are a dropship member your minimum order quantity would be 10 pieces. Click here to become a Dropship Member!

Wholesale Order Details Only


Want Free Business Advice? Want a Free

Logo? Want a Free Closure?Not enough Money

​for a Bulk Order?

​Don't have the money to stock up​ on inventory?



How Drop-Shipping With Weave Virgin Works? 

1.)  Apply to become our Drop Ship Member (Click Dropship Member Application here to apply) 

2.)  You will receive a Member Code and Member login in your email which you will use to purchase the hair on our website at the wholesale price. After you receive your login information you can go to the 'Drop Ship Order page to put in your customer's orders (As low as $50 for 3 bundles) 

3.) Choose the products you want to sell from us (Choose from our Instagram & Twitter)

4.) Place the chosen products on your website/social media (You can also sell our bundles on

5.)  We charge a $30 drop-ship fee per sale so we suggest that you add that as well as your profit to your sale price.

6.) Your customer places & pays for the order with you on your website or another payment method.  (Need help accepting payments? We can help!)

7.) You place the same order on our website with your Member Code and insert your customer's address as the shipping address (You keep the rest of the money as profit!!!)

8.) We ship the items directly to your customer with your company name on the shipping information section on the package (your client does not know it is drop-shipped) - If you become more advanced we can discuss creating personalized boxes with your company's name on it

9.) Your customer receives his/her hair bundles and is happy with your company! :)

10.) Remember, a business requires hard work, but that hard work will definitely pay off. You can be making more in one day than the average job pays in 2 weeks.  Please do not apply if you are not serious about starting a serious business selling hair. Please only apply if you are willing to work hard!  

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